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Academic Papers

A Chosen Messages Attack on the ISO/IEC 9796-1 Signature Scheme, in proceedings of Eurocrypt 2000.
Lecture (48kB PDF)
Paper (216kB PDF) (72kB gzipped PS) (88kB gzipped DVI) (13kB gzipped TeX).

This was essentially incorporated in a later reference paper with Don Coppersmith, Jean-Sebastien Coron, Shai Halevi, Charanjit Jutla and Julien Stern:
Cryptanalysis of ISO/IEC 9796-1, in Journal of Cryptology (2008).
Paper (316kB PDF).

The ISO/IEC 9796:1991 standard has been withdrawn in 2000 by ISO/IEC, but can still be purchased as an INCITS standard.
A free online source is section 11.3.5 in the excellent (though slightly dated) Handbook of Applied Cryptography.

I announced the attack on August 30, 1999 in an sci.crypt.research post.
Here is the mentioned file with messages allowing the attack. Same gzipped, for hash verification purposes.

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